Dirty air is killing us and it’s time for change. Now is the time to send a signal to your government, and Representative in the European Parliament, who are currently holding negotiations on car pollution controls. Let’s tell them we want the strongest possible standards to protect our health. Share this video using the #cleanair4health hashtag.
Find out how YOU can take action now!
  • Share this webpage and video to increase awareness.
  • Join initiatives to monitor the air pollution level in your region and share the results with your representatives. For example, InfluencAir in Belgium.
  • If you are part of the medical community, prioritise research to discover the full magnitude of the harm caused by diesel exhaust.
Cities and Regions
  • Create and implement a comprehensive strategic approach to clean up the air of cities, considering diesel bans, bike sharing systems, improved urban planning including bike lanes and pedestrian areas, combustion charge systems, and car free days.
  • Sign the the European Diesel Summit Declaration available here.
  • Adopt ambitious CO2 reduction targets during the ongoing negotiations. Find out more here.
  • Eliminate diesel-biased tax benefits.
  • Sign the the European Diesel Summit Declaration available here.
European Institutions
  • Stay firm on the protection of people’s health, and ensure the respect of EU laws on air pollution limit, launching and proceeding with infringement procedures. Diesel pollution is a European public health challenge which requires joint action to protect citizens’ health from air pollution. Air pollution does not recognise borders and increases inequalities. Find out more.
  • Sign the the European Diesel Summit Declaration available here.
World Health Organization (WHO) and International Organisations
  • Continue working on the update of the WHO air pollution guidelines taking into account the latest development of science as regards the harmful impacts of diesel pollution on health.
  • Join forces under the leadership of the UN World Helath Organization (WHO) and facilitate the adoption of a legally binding international treaty on air pollution. Exploit the momentum following the first Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health. Air Pollution is as dangerous as tobacco. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) could be a model for such a treaty.
  • Sign the the European Diesel Summit Declaration available here.
Find out more about EPHA’s work against air pollution!
How much does diesel cost to citizens’ health?
Read CE Delft’s study “Health impactsand health costs of diesel emissions in the EU”